Bilateral Integration SkillsS

Bilateral Integrations Skills

Bilateral integration refers to the ability to use both sides of the body during an activity. BI includes the ability to cross mid line,  work at mid line with one hand while the other hand stabilizes the project. Mid line in an imaginary line that is drawn through the center of the body from head to toe. Without BI an individual would only be able to use one side of the body at a time. BI is necessary to learn to read and write as one has to cross mid line of their body when both reading and writing.

Activities to Promote Bilateral skills

    Simultaneous hand motions:

  • squeezing a bubble bear with two hands
  • jump rope- this activity gives a lot of  input to the entire body and provide a great  work out
  • clapping hands to a variety of rhythms

     hand stabilization:

  • build a tower of blocks art mid line
  • lacing
  • string beads
  • sewing

     Coordinated differentiated hand motion: