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The Out of Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction 

Author: Carol Stock Kranowitz

The Out of Sync Child has Fun!

Author: Carol Stock Kranowitz

The Late Talker: What to Do if Your Child Isn't Talking Yet

Author: Marilyn Agin, Lisa Geng, and Malcolm Nicholl

Making Sense of Sensory Integration

Author: Jane Koomar, Stacy Szklut and Sharon Cermak

Does My Child Have a Speech Problem?

Author: Katherine Martin

Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences, A Parent's  Complete Guide to Language Development

Authors: Julie J Masterson PhD, and Kenn Apel, PhD

The Parent to Parent Handbook, Connecting Families of Children with Special Needs

Author: Betsy Santelli, Florence Stewart Poyadue, and Jane Leora Young

The Child with Special Needs: Encouraging Intellectual and Emotional Growth

Authors: Stanley Greenspan, MD and Serena Weider, PhD

Gross Motor Skills in Children with Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Prefessionals

Author: Patricia C Winders

Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Parent's Guide

Author: Elaine Gerlais

A Parent's Guide to Autism

Author: Charles A Hart



1. Our Children's Stories

 Our Children's Story

Helping families who care for loveone's with special needs find resources.
We ARE a 501(c)3 Organization


With  every move we make, we hope to uplift one person.  This community is so  desperately in need of love, stability, inclusion and genuine care.  We  are working very hard to bridge this very large gap within the  community.  It’s too many families going without services and  assistance.
Displacement Services - assisting families who are  homeless.  We will give them 1 week in a hotel with food.  The  requirements to receive services will be:

  • Application for Displacement Assistance
  • ID
  • History of the child with disabilities
  • Services currently receiving

Workshops  – The community needs proper education, so they can properly advocate  for their children and or loved one.  These will include but not limited  to:

  • IEP
  • Financial Planning
  • Waivers
  • Marriage
  • Self-Care

​Inclusion  Events – We are often forgotten about when events for children are  available.  Because of this, we have created yearly events and  activities for families to enjoy.  We are working feverishly to promote  this change and to influence others to promote inclusion.

  •  Inclusion Fashion Show
  • Mother’s Day Superhero Kickback
  • Inclusion Camp
  • Back to School Summer Jam
  • Miracle’s Bowling Night
  • Purple and Green Gala
  • Toys for Tots


Our  Children’s Story, Inc. will remain authentic always.  We welcome, value  and respect diversity.  Every family we assist will be done with gentle  hands with the goal of giving them an unforgettable experience.  We  strive for inclusiveness guided by our belief system that all things are  possible.  There is no lack nor limitations that will affect the  abilities we have been given.


Our  Children's Story mission is to uplift, inspire and educate families who  care for children with (dis)Abilities. Breathing life back into the  community and giving hope where hope has been lost.


2. Aubricorp

Established  in August 2015, as a registered 501c3 Georgia nonprofit organization,  Amazingly Unique Babies Redefining the Impossible, Company (A.U.B.R.I.)  was created to raise awareness through education for children with  epilepsy.  With a focus on financial assistance and mental health  coaching for families, we are advocates in the fight for access to  cannabis oil for individuals ranging from birth to 21 years old with  epilepsy.
The mission  of Amazingly Unique Babies Redefining the Impossible (A.U.B.R.I.) is to  spread awareness and educate the community on epilepsy, provide medical  I.D. alert bracelets to children with epilepsy, develop awareness  toolkits, provide financial assistance, mental health coaching  and support the fight for access of cannabis oil in the State of  Georgia.
Amazingly Unique  Babies Redefining the Impossible, Co. (A.U.B.R.I.) believes that we can  drive a new era of treatment through education, development, growth,  and productivity with awareness and the use of cannabis oil in the State  of Georgia.
The goals of  the organization is to spread awareness through education and  acknowledgement of seizure disorders, combat mental health issues and  financial burdens. 





Pencil grip

 Using adapted toys, educational materials, computer  equipment and  iPads, Lekotek provides opportunities  for kids to have fun and  learn along the way.  It is a safe haven from medical appointments and  therapies. It is a place where there are no expectations to perform, a  place where parents find resources and support. 




Legal Resources for Special Needs
Keeping Disabled Persons Safe While Remodeling
Creating a Home Where Your Disabled Child can Thrive
Teacher Resources for Special Needs
Disaster Preparedness for Special Needs
Home Accommodations for Special Needs
Disability Resources from the Department of Labor
Tips for Disabled Persons to Declutter and Organize their Home
Financial Planning for Special Needs

parent magazine

early intervention

Dept of community health/Babies Can't  Wait

Transition at age 3

the above is GA Medicaid

Peachstate Healthplan CMO

Amerigroup Health Plan CMO

Care source Health Plan CMO

 Securing a Home Mortgage Loan with a Disability 

 Choosing the Right Lot for your Universal Design or Accessible Home 

 The Ultimate Guide to Home Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities 

 Tax Deductions for Accessible Home Modifications 

Budget-Friendly Smart Home Accommodations for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs

 How to Select a Home Care Company 

 Overdose Response Guide: Awareness, Prevention, and Preparedness for Caregivers of Addicts 

 The Isolating Loneliness of Chronic Pain & Invisible Illness 

 Nutrition for Kids: Helping Children Get Off to a Good Start 

  How to Create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids 

Mental Illness in Children: Signs, Types, & Causes

Motivating Kids to be Active

 5 Serious Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore in Kids 

 Minding the Kids in Divorce: Minimizing the Mental Health Impact 

 Coping with a Child’s Illness While You’re in Recovery: Learn Coping Methods While Going Through This Difficult Time 

 Low Vision Internet Gateway
Managing Sensory Processing Issues At Home
Cleaner Indoor Air & Chemical Sensitivities
Disabled Home Modification Checklists and Funding
Home Modifications and Selling Your Home
Special Needs Safety Around Construction Sites
Renters’ Rights for People with Disabilities
Moving for Seniors and People with Disabilities 

Moving an Aging or Disabled Parent into Your Home: 4 Things You Should Know

Your Guide to the Disability Process

Disability Remodeling - What is the Average Cost to Renovate?

Exercise To Try At Home For Disabled People

Fire Safety for People with Disabilities: A How-To Guide for Prevention and Evacuation

Be Ready to Go: Disability-Specific Supplies for Emergency Kits

Disability Air Travel: Information for Seniors & Disabled

Transportation Options for Seniors Who Don’t Drive

Simple Home Fixes to Ease Parenting with Disabilities

The Survival Guide for Kids with Physical Disabilities & Challenges

Note: This is quite long, but it’s a fantastic booklet with activity sheets that children and their parents can use together. It’s really well-made!

Parenting with Disabilities: A Guide to Home Modifications

How Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities Works

The Guide To Keeping Your Home Through Debilitating Disease

Long-term Disability vs. Short-term Disability Explained

Understanding Disability Insurance

Handicap Accessible Modifications That Won’t Turn Off Future Homebuyers

25 Exercise Games and Indoor Activities to Get Kids Moving

Toys that Provide Exercise for Kid

36 Fun Summer Activities for Kids Who are Blind or Multiply Disabled

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

5 Games for Kids to Play with Their Dogs at Home

35 Free Things to Do at the Beach with Toddlers and Young Kids.


Autistic  Home Decorating: Make Your Home Autism Friendly

12  Ways to Prevent, and Respond to, ASD Wandering

How  to Help Your Child with ASD Overcome Her Fear of the Dentist and Establish Lifelong Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

10  Tips for Getting Your Autistic Child Through a Haircut

The  Top 3 Challenges to Finding a Babysitter for Your Special Needs Child — and How to Overcome Them

The  Best Strategies for Calming Autistic Tantrums and Meltdowns

Do  Sensory Processing Issues Get Better Over Time?




essential oil distribitor

 Helping Your Child with Autism Sleep
Sleep Deprivation and ADHD
 Our Guide to Sleep After Trauma 

Overview of College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Home Remodeling and Modifications for People with Special Needs

The Truth About Home Modification Funding

The Complete Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits

Ways To Provide For Your Disabled Adult Child’s Future

Paying for a Disabled Dependent’s Funeral: 3 Supportive Resources

 ADHD and Addiction: What’s The Connection? 

Autistic Home Decorating: Make Your Home Autism Friendly

12 Ways to Prevent, and Respond to, ASD Wandering

How to Help Your Child with ASD Overcome Her Fear of the Dentist and Establish Lifelong Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

10 Tips for Getting Your Autistic Child Through a Haircut

The Top 3 Challenges to Finding a Babysitter for Your Special Needs Child — and How to Overcome Them

The Best Strategies for Calming Autistic Tantrums and Meltdowns

Do Sensory Processing Issues Get Better Over Time?

Low Cost Solutions for Making Your Home Accessible

Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities: What You Need to Know

Long-Distance Caregiving: How to Ensure Your Loved Ones are Safe at Home

Top 5 Ways To Outfit The Bathroom For Disabled Or Elderly Loved Ones

Install a Grab Bar

Pros and Cons of Walk-in Tubs

Making Home Modifications for Children with Disabilities

Early Interactions with Children Who are Deaf-Blind

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

Sign Language Fun with Games and Puzzles

Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss or Deafness

Socialization and the Child Who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

5 Tips for Teaching a Deaf Child to Swim

College Planning for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

for diapers call 800-841-1233


The American Occupational Therapy Association

The American Physical Therapy Association

The American Speech Therapy Association

National Board Of Certified OTs

GA state OT licensing board



 Exceptional Kids Athletics Inc (EKA) is a non profit 501C3 company that  provides athletic programs to children with special needs ages 4 yrs to  22yrs old with any type of physical/cognitive impairment from very high  functioning children to  severally profound medically fragile children  in Gwinnett County, GA. We were founded  by an Occupational Therapist, Aimee Prainito, MA, OTR, who ha almost 3o yrs of experience working with special needs children, her late husband Scott Prainto, and Jonn Warde,  a former international soccer player who has a child with Autism in  June 2012. Our goal is to make these programs as typical as possible and  as close to a regular recreational league as we can.
We started EKA  because the mother, Lisa Fochtman, of one of Aimee's clients was  complaining to Aimee that there were no local special need sports  programs locally that fit her schedule and required a lot of work on the  parents part. When Aimee told Scott about it, he suggested they start  their own sports program. So with the help of Jonn and advisors Mark  Carr and Adam Guillion, EKA was formed. Soon after Daniel and Serrah Dodson rounded out our board of directors.
We  are different than other special needs athletic programs is that EKA is  run by and OT and a soccer professional. Parents do not have to coach.  We provide buddy volunteers and adult volunteers that have been trained  to work with the special needs population. Anyone over the age of 18 who  volunteers must pass a background check. Most of our coaches are  coaching certifies and CPR/First aid trained. No one is allowed on the  field without a background check. We also play in a gated or locked in  facility with a sign in and sign out sheet. We do everything we can to  protect your child. We provide scholarships to those in need.

Supports Kids in Sports

Bogan Park has indoor swimming

Camp Twin Lakes at Fort Yargo offers special needs camping